Software Developer / Architect

.NET Team and Local Configuration Settings

Winner of Courageous Coding Award (ICA Presents 2016)

About me

My name is Jeffrey Haen, 22 years old and a learning software developer enthusiast. My favorite programming language is C#, but i control many more languages.

Programming interested me from the moment i touched it. I started learning myself programming with VB.NET and later on i switched to C#, because of the learning materials at school. At school i learned the basics of programming, networking, designing and build some hardware knowledge. Programming and designing were my biggest interests, but at a later stadium i figured out that programming is something i like the most.

I kept on learning as a software developer and became obsessed with software architecture and software infrastructure. In my opinion everyone can build an application, but code-quality is what really matters and unfortunately not always fulfilled. Code must be maintainable, reusable and legible for fellow developers!