Software Developer / Architect

Visual Studio Extensions and Tools

.NET Team and Local Configuration Settings

Winner of Courageous Coding Award (ICA Presents 2016)

About me

My name is Jeffrey Haen, 23 years old and a learning software developer enthusiast. My favorite programming language is C#, but i control many more languages.

Programming interested me from the moment i touched it. I started learning myself programming with VB.NET and later on i switched to C#, because of the learning materials at school. At school i learned the basics of programming, networking, designing and build some hardware knowledge. Programming and designing were my biggest interests, but at a later stadium i figured out that programming is something i like the most.

I kept on learning as a software developer and became obsessed with software architecture and software infrastructure. In my opinion everyone can build an application, but code-quality is what really matters and unfortunately not always fulfilled. Code must be maintainable, reusable and legible for fellow developers!